Aaron Carter: Hilary Duff performs in tributes to the singer and child actor who passed away at the age of 34.


The child star of the past has been found dead the weekend and the cause of death is remains under investigation by US police.  Mr. Carter has released four album solo when he was youngster, with his self-titled debut in 1997, which sold more than a million copies across the world. The success of his album brought him to perform with his band the Backstreet Boys, the boy band of Nick Carter. Nick Carter, the same year. The album was followed by three more and included Aaron’s Party (Come Get It) that sold 3 million copies across the US alone in 2000. The latter part of his career saw the release of an EP as well as several compilations, and his appearance as a contestant on US television program dancing with the Stars. While doing this his personal life was racked with issues and high-profile fights with his family members.

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Police in Spain claim to have seized ‘largest ever’ cannabis stash The police of Spain declare that they’ve discovered the biggest cannabis stash they have ever seized Aaron Carter, singer and brother of Backstreet Boys member Nick Carter died aged 34. “I grew the business too fast”: Twitter Co-Founder apologizes for job reductions

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Ms. Duff played a character in the sitcom for teens Lizzie McGuire alongside Mr. Carter and they were a couple in the beginning of 2000. The actress wrote her Instagram: “For Aaron – I’m sorry to hear for the hardships that your life caused for you and that you were forced to work before the entire world. “You had a charisma that was so sparkling… I must say, boy was my young self-admire you with all my heart. US boy band New Kids on the Block posted an image in black and white of Carter and posted the following on their Twitter account: “We are shocked and saddened by the sudden death from Aaron Carter. Mr. Carter was a victim of criminal conduct and was in rehab on numerous occasions throughout his career. He made the transition from pop music to the rap genre and acquired several tattoos on his face while he dissociated himself from his childhood star image. As time passed, the rifts with Nick intensified and he was reportedly accused by his brother of putting Nick under a conservatorship plan like the one Britney Spears famously fought. His brother was later reported to get a restraining order.

Aaron Carter pictured in 2017

Mr. Carter leaves his son Prince born in the year 2021. His mother, Melanie Martin, also issued a statement in support of her sadness on Saturday. Melanie Martin said to TMZ: “My fiancé Aaron Carter has passed in his death. I cherish Aaron to the core. It’s going to be an adventure of raising a boy who isn’t any father. “Please be respectful of my family’s privacy as we grieve about the passing of a person we cherish deeply. “We remain working on accepting this tragic reality. Prayers and thoughts are highly appreciated.”


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