Downing Street: UK and France reach ‘final stages’ in the deal to combat illegal migration.


Downing Street revealed that France and the UK are at the “final stages of” a deal on illegal migration across the Channel. Rishi Sunak, who had vowed to “grip the challenge of illegal immigration” through cooperation with European countries, made it happen. The Prime Minister stated that there were “lots” of things to discuss when he met Emmanuel Macron at COP7. There were reports that he was going to press for a new agreement with the French president. On Monday, the pair shared a hug at the UN conference on climate change in Egypt. This was their first encounter since Mr. Sunak entered Number 10. The subject was also raised when he met Georgia Melony, the new Prime Minister of Italy.

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 International debut: Rishi Sunak’s highlights at Cop27 Putin’s war against Ukraine is a reason to ‘act quicker’ on climate change, Sunak urges Umber has installed more than 700 charging points in London When asked what they would do to address the increasing number of Channel crossings, Mr. Sunak said to broadcasters in Sharma El-Sheikh that it was great to meet President Macron and discuss illegal migration and the many other areas where we want to work closely with the French. “But let’s not forget, this issue affects many countries. I have been speaking with other European leaders about the common challenge of illegal migration. “And there is an opportunity to work closely with the French and other countries. “Working with our European partners makes it possible to make a difference, grasp this challenge of illegal immigration, and stop people from coming illegally…

This situation needs to be resolved as soon as possible.

“I am leaving this meeting with renewed confidence, optimism, and the belief that working with our European partners; we can make an impact, grasp this challenge of illegal immigration, and stop people from coming illegally, Nearly 40,000 migrants arrived in the UK this year after crossing the Channel. However, bad weather prevented crossings during the first six days of November, so the provisional total for 2022 is still 39,913. Recognizing that Channel crossings are complex, Mr. Sunak said he was determined to grasp the situation. However, he stressed that no one solution would solve it overnight. He added: “We all want this to be resolved as quickly as possible.” According to reports, the Prime Minister wants to set targets for stopping boats and to have a minimum of French officers patrolling beaches. He also hopes to be able to deploy Border Force officers to France. Downing Street stated that talks about a France deal were in the “final stages” following the meeting between leaders. According to the official spokesperson for the Prime Minister, talks on specific details of a deal were being held separately with Home Office officials. Sunak also supported Stella Braver man as Home Secretary, saying that the Government was making progress in reducing the Manson migrant processing center’s overcrowding. However, she added that she was focused on the need for “reduced illegal immigration.” Robert Enrick, the immigration minister, later stated to the Commons that there had been “a significant reduction” in the facility’s capacity. This was “back below” its maximum capacity at 1,600 after more than 2,300 migrants were relocated to other accommodations.


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