8 Best TikTok Scheduling Tools (2022 Comparison)


If you’re a brand that is building your brand’s reputation or an emerging influencer looking to change the world, the time of the TikTok posts is crucial for your engagement rates.

With the proper TikTok scheduling tool, your content will be prepared to go live when your followers are most active, even without using your mobile phone.

In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the most effective alternatives available!

Let’s dive.

The most effective TikTok scheduling tools – – summary

  1. Social Bee – Top overall.
  2. Paley – The best scheduling interface. It also includes TikTok comments management.
  3. Crowd Fire – is ideal for the curation of content.
  4. Metrical –  is ideal for analysis and integration with ad accounts.
  5. TikTok Native Scheduler – Best alternative that is free.
  6. Then – The best choice for those who are just starting.
  7. Loomlyis HTML0 – Loomis ideal for getting ideas for posts.
  8. Brand Watch –  is Ideal for large businesses.

#1 – Social Bee

Social Bee is our best recommendation for TikTok and scheduling social media generally. Here’s the reason:

You can make evergreen sequences of posting to queue posts much faster than the alternative TikTok scheduling tool. This allows sharing of evergreen content with ease. You can also arrange content into different categories and plan videos for a whole category at the same time.

You can view your content’s schedule in a calendar and quickly modify or delete posts. You can also end content at a predetermined period of time or after the desired number of shares has been achieved. This means you won’t have to tore-share older content from previous campaigns.

Social Bee also has its own browser extension. It allows you to post content from other internet pages, add your own tags and comments and then plan it out to post.

Social Bee is also equipped with powerful analytics that will aid in understanding your TikTok customers, which includes the analytics for posts and about pages on:

  • Clicks
  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Shares
  • Engagement levels
  • Content that is top-performing

Social Bee is integrated with popular content curation tools like Canva, Bitly, Unsplash, Giphy, Zippier, etc.

If you’re an agency that works with multiple clientele, Social Bee also has you covered. It provides workspaces that allow you to split profiles among different clients, ensuring that you never be confused about the content belonging to a particular client. Additionally, Social Bee also offers a “done-for-you” social media service that includes writing articles, development of community guides, brand guides, and many others.

It’s worth noting that Social Bee is continually updating, and we’re sure that it will continue to be a leading TikTok scheduler well in the near future.


  • Offers excellent re-queuing features
  • You can automate the scheduling of hundreds of posts, which is a massive time saver
  • Affordable
  • Zippier integration available
  • You can make use of RSS feeds or bulk uploads using CSV files to make posts.
  • There’s a browser extension that can be used for creating a list of posts.


  • Social Bee does not provide an inbox for social media
  • There aren’t any monitoring tools to monitor rival accounts on social networks or Hashtags.
  • You can only see content for only one social account at a time using the Calendar tool.


You can pay on a monthly basis or get a discount on annual billing (we’ve given the latter option below):

The price for private accounts at Social Bee starts from $15.80 for a month. It allows you to connect up to five accounts on social media, sign up for one person, and create multiple categories of content that can hold up to 1,000 content posts.

You can unlock more posts, users, and social profiles with the Accelerate plan, which costs $32.50 each month. Also, you can benefit from unlimited categories of content as well as more than 25 social accounts when you sign up for the Pro plan, which costs $65.80 per month.

The Agency plans are designed specifically for people who manage social media. The plans begin from $65.80 per month and comprise the following: 25 accounts on social media, three users along with five workplaces. The plans for agencies can go up to $315.80 per month and include 150 users, five social accounts as well as 30 workspaces.

#2 – Policy

The best UI for scheduling workflows as well as TikTok comments management

In an age where social media is always evolving and releasing innovative tools, Paley  is usually among the first to incorporate them into its services. For instance, they were among the first to launch an inbox for social media that supports TikTok moderating comments.

This social inbox allows you to:

  • Team members should be assigned to specific threads or to specific comments
  • Mark messages as resolved
  • Automate the response to messages
  • Create your own labels and folders to help you organize your communication.

Palley was also among the very first apps to provide TikTok scheduling. Additionally, Palley comes with a distinctive UI that allows for seamless and intuitive workflows. For instance, you could make uploads of TikTok videos in bulk and then drag them into the calendar. Also, switching between accounts on social media is simple. You can see planned content in a table or table format.

With Pelly’s hashtag research tool, you’ll be able to browse content that interests your brand and incorporate it as part of your strategy for creating content.

Finally, when you need to report, you can build custom timeframes and export PDF reports of how many followers your account has and the engagement you’ve had across different channels. You can look over statistics such as page follows, impressions engagement, shares of posts clicks, and others.


  • There are many ways to display your TikTok content.
  • Palley is usually the first to introduce new social media tools.
  • Its social account includes TikTok comment management
  • Its extremely user-friendly interface provides a wonderful user experience.
  • It is easy to curate content using hashtag tools for research.
  • Free plan available


  • It does not offer post-recycling.
  • Pally is a product that’s Instagram-centric, which means it’s not all of its features are geared equally to TikTok
  • White labeling isn’t readily available; therefore, Palley isn’t the best choice for agencies.


Palley is a no-cost plan that allows up to 15 scheduled posts per the same social group: In the same way, you can connect to one account per network of social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Business, Pinterest, and TikTok)

You’ll need to upgrade the premium plan at $13.50 monthly (annual payment) to schedule additional posts. This will include an unlimited number of scheduled posts, bulk scheduling, and customized analytics reports. You can add more social media sets for $15 per month. Other users for $29 per month.

#3 – Crowd fire

Crowd Fire is another helpful software for scheduling social media that allows you to automate posting to different social media channels. Similar to Palley, it comes with an inbox that lets you keep track of your private messages, mentions, and your comments from one central location.

Every post you make will be automatically tailored to the targeted social network. This means that you can automatically adjust the length of your post as well as Hashtags, the size of the image and whether the video is uploaded as a link or uploaded videos.

Before publishing, you are able to review and edit every post and alter the posting time or let Crowd fire make the call on the most effective times to publish. Additionally, a queue meter monitors the amount of content left in your queue of publishing to show you how much you’re running out.

Crowd fire is a useful set of tools for the curation of content that can assist you in finding pertinent content that is available from other authors, your blog, or your online store.

You can also create and download customized PDF reports that incorporate all your social networks and provide only the information that matters to you. It is possible to create reports in advance so that you don’t skip a beat.

Crowd fire’s analytics quite uniquely provide analysis of competitors. You can look at your competitor’s most popular posts, determine the trends that work for them and also get a detailed performance report.


  • Free version
  • Fantastic tool for the curation of content
  • Provides analysis of competitors
  • Shareable pictures to use on Instagram.
  • Custom report builder to get a more specific analysis


  • The most important features, like calendar views and schedules, are held behind a costly price wall.
  • Each plan is limited to the number of posts you can schedule for your account in a month.
  • The learning curve is quite high, and the interface could appear cluttered, especially when you’re on a low plan, as you’ll be able to view premium features that aren’t accessible.


The free plan allows you to link up to three social profiles and allows you to create a schedule for ten posts per account. When you upgrade to the Plus plan at $7.49 each month (paid annually), You have five accounts with 100 scheduled posts, an individual posting schedule, as well as video post support. You can also connect as many as five RSS feeds and also support multiple-image posts.

The Premium plan is $37.48 per month if you pay annually. It includes ten social accounts. Additionally, you can create posts in bulk with a calendar view. You can also do an analysis of competitors on two different social media accounts.

The VIP plan at $74.98 allows you to join 25 social accounts with up to the capacity of 800 postings per profile. Additionally, it grants prior assistance and competitor analysis for 20 profiles that compete.

#4 – Metricool

Metrical concentrates less on the scheduling process and more on the management, growth, and development of your online presence through different channels.

To schedule TikTok posts, you can use an easy drag-and-drop interface to upload content to your calendar.

You can also manage TikTok ads from your Metricool account and adjust the schedule of your posts and campaigns using Metricools optimal launch timings. It is also possible to import large amounts of content from the CSV file and then publish it to various social networks in one go.

In terms of analytics, you could choose reports from a template or make your own reports that are focused on the metrics that are most important to you.

You can, for instance, examine how you are performing on TikTok engagement and ad effectiveness, as well as monitor your competitors’ TikTok strategy or also review your data from the past. Metrical is also connected to Google Data Studio, which lets you import additional information.


  • It’s a powerful tool for analysis that includes competitor analysis as well as advertising performance reports
  • Control TikTok advertisements from within your Metricool account
  • Connect to Google Data Studio
  • Metrical constantly create new features.


  • The social feed doesn’t allow TikTok comments.
  • It’s an extra $9.99 per month to track Hashtags.
  • Certain features, such as report templates, are accessible on higher-level plans.


Metrical offers a variety of different pricing plans that are flexible. Therefore we won’t go through everyone in this article. However, there’s a no-cost plan for one brand. You can create 50 posts and connect two social profiles. It is also possible to connect an existing blog to one set of advertising accounts (i.e., one or three accounts (i.e., one Facebook Ad Account or TikTok Ad Account, Google Ad Account, TikTok Ad account).

Then, the plans are based on the number of employees in the team. Each tier increases the number of social accounts you are able to connect to and the amount of historical information accessible to you. Premium plans will allow you to conduct competitor analysis using at least 100 social and up to ten YouTube accounts.

Prices vary from 12 dollars each month (annual bill) up to $119/month (yearly bill). The majority of Metricool’s features are included in The Team 15 plan for $35 per month (annual billing). It includes custom-designed report templates, Google Data Studio, and Zapier integrations, as well as API access.

#5 – TikTok Native Scheduler

There’s good news! If you’re interested in scheduling TikTok posts, it is not necessary to shell out any cash. Instead, you can plan your content directly on TikTok.

After logging into your account, click the cloud icon to open the upload page. Upload your video, and then schedule it manually by choosing the day you’d like to upload it.

In comparison to other social media scheduling apps, It’s extremely simple. For instance, you cannot plan posts using the TikTok application. Additionally, you aren’t able to edit the video once it’s scheduled. Therefore, if you’re required to alter your post, it’s necessary to delete the post and begin again.

There aren’t any advanced functions like automated calculation of optimal posting times or a calendar view to see the time you’re posting.


  • Easy to use
  • Accessible from your TikTok account
  • Absolutely free


  • Mobile devices aren’t able to schedule posts.
  • There is no calendar view
  • No bulk uploads/scheduling
  • It’s impossible to edit your post once it’s scheduled


The TikTok scheduling tool is available for free.

#6 – Later

Later is a universal Social Media Management tool that’s particularly appealing to those who are new to the field. It offers a no-cost plan, a user-friendly interface, and an inviting design to the brand.

It is likely to be best suitable for Instagram users. However, it does include useful scheduling features for TikTok as well as other social media platforms.

The process of creating or scheduling TikTok content using Later is as simple as uploading your media and then adding it to your calendar. You can make plans far in advance and make changes at any time and check out what they’ll look like in an overview feed.

For premium plans, Later identifies optimal posting times. In addition, you are able to modify TikTok commenting, i.e., you can respond or like, share or hide comments.

You can also make an individual bio link to TikTok. Later also includes TikTok analysis, including demographics and audience growth, and you can analyze the performance of each post.


  • You can cut your videos and other media into various sizes so that they are optimized to be suitable for different platforms in your program.
  • The practical TikTok publication and moderation tools
  • TikTok data are included in the lowest plan.


  • The data history of the past is only 12 12months
  • You’re only able to look over the post’s stats if you’ve scheduled them with Later.
  • Most expensive plans include live chat and unlimited posts
  • Later branding is also included on the linkin.bio page for the lower-tier plans


Later offers a free trial that permits you to create up to ten posts per month. Anyone who is serious about increasing the number of users on TikTok should upgrade. The premium plan comes in three versions to choose from; If you select annual billing, you’ll save 17 percent (which is in the table below).

The Starter plan of $15/month includes one social profile and is applicable to one user. You can post 30 posts on your social profile each month, and for up to twelve months information, and build your own linkin.bio page.

The Growth plan at $33.33 per month includes three sets of social media, three users, 150 posts on each social profile, and full analytics, with up to a year of information. The plan also comes with extra tools for managing your brand and team and eliminates the Later brand from your Link in. Bio page.

The Advanced plan, priced at $66.67 per month, grants six social groups with six users, unlimited posts, and live chat assistance.

#7 – Loomly

Loomly claims to be the only platform that you will need for all of your social media marketing requirements. It works with multiple social networks and allows you to manage all of your media within one place, which includes photos, videos, notes, and links, along with post templates.

In addition to helping you plan posts ahead of time in bulk and with an easy display of the calendar, Loomly can also help you collect ideas for posts.

You can follow Twitter trends, news and holiday-related suggestions, best practices for social media, and much more. Loomly is also integrated together with Unsplash as well as Giphy to offer license-free media for your posts.

Loomly also offers optimization suggestions for your posts also lets you view your posts and advertisements before they go live. If you are working as part of a team, you can schedule your posts that require approval from your boss.

As with other tools for social scheduling, Loomly has advanced analytics and allows you to track all of your social media interactions in one place.


  • Includes workflows for approvals which are beneficial for larger teams.
  • Easy to use
  • The optimization tips it offers are useful.
  • These post ideas may help you create the next content piece you write
  • You can save hashtag groups and monitor their performance
  • Create unlimited TikTok content, regardless of the plan you’re on.


  • There isn’t a free plan.
  • You can’t post multiple pictures/carousel posts.


Loomly isn’t the least expensive of the options on this page. The premium plan includes four options as well as one enterprise plan. The prices below are based on the less expensive annual billing.

The base plan of $26 per month is suitable for two users and ten social accounts and includes all the core features of Loomly.

Advanced analytics, export of content, Slack, and Microsoft team integrations will be accessible on the Standard plan for $59 per month. It also grants twenty social accounts.

The Advanced plan costs $129 per month and includes customized roles, workflows, and the ability to add 14 users and 35 social accounts.

In addition, the Premium plan at $269 per month allows 30 users as well as 50 social accounts and white labeling if you wish to utilize Loomly with your customers.

#8 – Brand watch

Brand Watch  Brand watch is a management social media tool priced to accommodate larger enterprises. Brand watch allows companies to adjust social strategies rapidly and has access to powerful analytics tools that make use of AI to conduct an extensive study of millions of voices around the world.

You can work with your team members to develop and oversee social and digital channels. Teams, workflows, and teams, as well as content approvals and campaigns, to ensure the alignment of your brand.

In the same way, the calendar view can be shared, which means that several team members can use the calendar and improve the scheduling schedule.

To safeguard your brand, you should keep an eye on the emerging trends and conflicts in the social world. This can help to ensure that your company is prepared for the emergence of new social movements, flaming criticisms, or changes in perception of your brand.

As with others, you can have an integrated social inbox where you can handle all your social interactions across all channels.


  • Data retrieval and robust analytics
  • There’s a wide range of integration options
  • Comprehensive audience reports, including the latest trends and monitoring for emergencies
  • There are a variety of collaboration options readily available, including the possibility of creating brand guides


  • Pricing may be more transparent
  • It’s likely to be too costly for a small-sized business.


For smaller teams with a maximum of 1-2 persons, Brand watch recommends its Essentials package, which starts at $108 per month. It includes a calendar for content on social media as well as an asset library, tools for managing campaigns, and an integrated social media inbox.

For brands with more acclaim, Pricing isn’t as clear. It is necessary to contact Brand watch’s team to schedule an appointment and get an estimate for any of the three Brand watch product suite plans. They’re divided into consumer intelligence and social media management or both.

Finding the best TikTok scheduling tool

TikTok is among the most well-known websites on the internet. Therefore, it is the best moment to start thinking about this social network.

If you’re an influencer or a company, If you’re in need of a sophisticated but cost-effective social media management tool, we suggest social bee.

But the Paley is an excellent alternative if you’re looking for an updated, modern interface.

For those who are an enterprise with a large size, Brand watch will be likely to be the best option. Our best recommendation for analytics that is in-depth is the metricool!

If you’re looking to learn more about different tools, you could read an article about  that can be helpful.


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