How to Add a Reminder to an Instagram Post


Have you ever used reminders for Instagram posts?

They’re simple to make, but it takes time to figure out the best way to utilize them. This article will show you how to make Instagram reminders step-by-step. Then we provide some ideas on how you can use these for marketing. It’s important to know that the ability to add the option of adding reminders on Instagram postings is not accessible to professionals with professional accounts. However, it’s a breeze to transform your Instagram account into a professional profile.

How do you remind yourself of an Instagram post?

1.            Create a brand new Instagram feed post in the same way as you usually do.

2.            Tap Add Reminder on the New Post screen.

3.            Name the event you are hosting.

4.            Include a time for the start of your event.

5.            Share your article.

It’s as simple as that. First, however, let’s take a look at each step.

Step 1. Create a new Instagram feed post

Create an entirely new feed post in the same way you usually would

Select the videos or images you want to include in your post, and then edit them in the way you like.

You can also add reminders to your branded posts and posts with tags for products.

Although you can increase the visibility of posts with reminders, you can’t use them to make advertisements. Be aware of this when you pick your pictures.

Step 2: Tap Add Reminder

The New Post screen appears when you make the first Instagram post that now includes an Add Reminder button.

It’s located between Tag People and Add Location buttons.

Click the Add Reminder button to display the settings screen to set your Reminder.

Step 3. Give your event a name.

Creating multiple posts for one occasion is possible, but it’s vital to provide your Reminder with a proper name to recognize it in the future.

You must type in the event’s title in the “Event Name” …” field.

Make it short and descriptive, for example, “Sephora Giveaway.”

Step 4: Confirm a beginning time for your event.

Select a time for the start of your event to let your guests will know the exact time.

Your starting time should be at least 1 hour after creating your blog post. You could be as far as three months.

Select a time when your audience is the most active. This information can be found within the profile’s Insights report.

Step 5. Share your post

After setting your Reminder, you can make sure you add a caption. Next, modify the remainder part of your New Post screen. Then, finally, publish your post.

You can also share the article on Your Instagram Stories. This will ensure that only those who view your Stories get your message also.

It appears in the form of a tiny bell icon that overlays the lower left corner of your post:

If your followers can see your notification (bell icon), they can hit the bell icon to be notified about your event:

Followers of yours will receive the following messages:

1.            Notification of the feed’s activity up to 24 hours before the event.

2.            The spread of activities and push notifications 15 minutes before the event.

3.            Push notification and activity feed once the event is about to begin.

You can also make additional posts to promote the occasion.

When you’ve created an event and then shared your first post, you’ll have the option to select it in the future when creating subsequent posts.

Click Add Reminder just as you did in the past, selecting it.

How do you use Instagram reminders to use social media for marketing

Social marketing on the internet is focused on engagement.

Yes, the similarities and followers you get may translate into dollars after some time. It’s just math, and as more control you hold, the better chance you’ll have to make profits.

This is what makes organic reach extremely effective. It lets you transform social media traffic into sales without the need to put money back via ads.

If you engage, your chances of increasing organic reach will be high.

Why are reminders so crucial for Instagram Marketing?

The need for social media marketing to have engagement is why reminders are essential in Instagram marketing.

Whenever you post something on Instagram, checking for likes, comments, or re-posts is essential. Followers, likes, and comments are all good indicators. First, it indicates that you are attracting a loyal audience eager to see the next step you take.

But, if your engagement levels are low, you will require new strategies to boost them.

Instagram offers a variety of built-in tools to help with this, such as ads and posts that are boosted:

Reminders on Instagram are a great tool you can include in your arsenal to increase engagement whenever you require it.

Instead of liking a post with an image and caption you’ve designed to advertise your event, reminders offer your fans the opportunity to affirm, “yes, I’m interested!”

It also improves the chances of taking part.

What kinds of events can you utilize Instagram notifications for?

Promoting Instagram lives, for example, an event for giveaways, the contest is among the most effective methods to use Instagram reminders.


However, your event can be featured on Instagram to be able to advertise it via the social media platform.

Instagram reminders are just an opportunity to send activity feeds and Push notifications to followers to inform them about the event and to entice them to be there.

Here are some other forthcoming events that you can advertise by using Instagram reminders:

•             New product launches

•             New content is released

•             Live streams and webinars can be found on different platforms

•             Conventions/letups

•             The sales for your store or product


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