How to Get More Views on TikTok: 13 Proven Strategies


In the past few decades, TikTok has entered the scene and taken its place in the top ten social network applications. It’s a fun, interactive platform that is a fantastic location to consume and create content. However, getting TikTok viewers can prove challenging.

With 732 million monthly active users, TikTok offers a wealth of content. It’s essential to make sure your videos are distinct from the crowd if you wish to attract attention.

In this article, you’ll discover 13 strategies for increasing the number of users of TikTok. We’ll share everything from tricks and best practices to less-known algorithm hacks.

Ready? Let’s get started:

Be the first to comment on the latest videos by TikTok influential people in your field

With the number of creators who frequently post on TikTok, it isn’t easy to be noticed by interested viewers within your field.

If you need help being featured for ForYou’s For You page, leave comments on other TikTok videos within your area of expertise. It can help you engage with people within your field and other creators with similar interests.

To maximize the benefits of this method, pick 3-5 top creators within your field and follow them. Make sure you comment consistently and with authenticity on all of their videos.

Make sure your comments are entertaining or humorous and engage in conversation with people who respond to your comments. This can be a fantastic method to be noticed and draw attention away from more popular accounts to your videos.

Make the most of trendsetter effects.

Effects are a fantastic method to add some spice to your TikTok content and will also help you gain more followers. With widespread effects in the market, your videos will be promoted further than usual through the TikTok algorithm. You may even be listed on the For You page to attract a few viewers.

To see what’s popular, click the discover tab of the TikTok app (that’s a magnifying lens that is located at the bottom of this page).

You’ll find many widespread effects, Hashtags, and even sounds. Please select a product that is trending and add it to your favorites. The product will then appear on your page for recording when you go to shoot your next film.

Make the most of captions on videos.

Another way to boost the engagement of your videos and gain more views is to incorporate captions within your videos—captions to add excitement to your videos and offer viewers a call for action.

For instance, if you want more viewers watching the video until the close of the video, you can add captions that read “wait for it to happen” or “keep watching.” Additionally, captions can be used to explain the video’s content to those using TikTok without audio.

Make sure to share your TikTok content with other platforms on social media.

If you’re already a regular user of social networks, this article is suitable for you. TikTok is a new platform, and despite having seen a lot of adoption over the last year or so, many users still need to start using the app. If you’ve got a significant fan base on another social network, such as Instagram or Facebook, or Twitter, you can draw viewers from those platforms to check out the content on your TikTok content.

For sharing your videos, it’s easy to hit the share button located at the bottom of the video screen. Then, you’ll be presented with the option of sharing it with the most popular social networks like Instagram and your Instagram Stories, Facebook, or Twitter.

Instagram and Facebook offer video capabilities like TikTok and Facebook, making it simple to reuse your content and earn more views.

If you’re looking to speed up your work using, you can use software for social media management, such as Social Bee can help you post content on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook in a short time.

Create content that is focused on the user’s engagement

In contrast to other social networks, TikTok isn’t all about the number of users you’ve got. While it’s possible to increase the number of followers on TikTok and, more importantly, the key to success is encouraging viewers to stick with your videos to the end and interact with them.

This is the kind of content TikTok is looking for, and the algorithm is created to display videos with good view times and lots of interaction.

The key to increasing engagement is the content that you create. There’s no magic formula or trick that will improve engagement. It’s just about making your content as entertaining as possible. A few ways to accomplish this is to create videos on subjects that generate controversy, like political issues and other hot topics like this one:

It is also possible to make videos that are thrilling or unclear. It will make your viewers want to return to your videos and ask questions or share them with friends.

To increase the duration of your show, ensure that you grab viewers’ attention in the initial few seconds and don’t give up on their focus. For example, offer them a teaser or promise them a reward that they must watch until the end to receive.

Enhance the quality of your content

Regularly posting on any Social Media platform is crucial to building you. It’s a must for TikTok. Since TikTok comprises shorter videos, users consume much more content than on other platforms for video.

This implies that TikTok creators have to produce more content to remain relevant. Instead of posting daily, consider posting 3 to 4 times per day to boost the chance you will receive views.

Even though 3 to 4 videos per day may appear to be excessive in production, TikTok videos are relatively easy to make, so keeping up with the output is easy.

Additionally, as you create more material and design, the greater the chance that millions will view your content.

If you need help coming up with ideas for content, take statements from trends in the market. Try splitting parts of your TikTok video into 3 or 2 segments. This keeps viewers interested while they view three videos instead of one. This method is especially effective for story time videos.

Remember to delete the old content.

If you’re a digital creator, It can be tempting to remove old content when you think it didn’t perform as you’d like. But with regards to TikTok, there are better options than this. TikTok algorithm analyzes each video on its own, which means there’s no need to worry about older videos being a hindrance to the new content you upload.

Additionally, older videos that you may think will never receive viewers may still be in the position of becoming famous. If the trend changes and your old content is not popular, it could be rediscovered and gain popularity repeatedly.

Stitch content from other people

Stitching content is a fantastic method to increase the number of views, discover new content ideas, and engage with various groups of people.

When you stitch, it can add 5 seconds of someone else’s video to create your own. The result could include a humorous response or even your unique take on the current trend.

This can be highly effective in gaining attention and getting views since your video is more likely to be seen or even featured for you on for You WebPages when the masses view your content.

Stitching isn’t tricky at all. First, you need to click the  button on the video you’d like to stitch, special stitch, and record the other video.

Transfer to a business bank account

While switching to a business account isn’t help you gain more attention. However, it can assist you in developing your plan and increase your growth potential.

Business account holders have access to additional features, like analytics tools, that can help you determine your audience’s engagement on your site and what could be improved. Furthermore, accounts for business users get access to exclusive sound effects and a creative business hub.

To change your profile to an enterprise account, navigate to the Settings tab, then click on ‘Manage Account.’ Next, you’ll get the ‘Switch To Business Account’ choice. Follow the steps, and you’ll be able to create a business account in minutes.

Find the perfect moment to publish

The time you publish on TikTok is vital, and you’ll need to choose a time that the users of your region are active.

It can be difficult to determine; however, with the aid of online research and information gathered from your blog posts, it is possible to figure out the ideal time to share your content.

As a guideline, ideal times to post are between 2 and 9 AM (EST) all week long because these are the times that engagement rates are at their highest across the platforms.

However, you need to do this on your own and try to determine which times your content will perform the best.

Collaboration in collaboration with TikTok influencers

Another way to increase views of TikTok is to join forces with fellow creators. By collaborating with fellow TikTok influencers with an audience similar to yours, it is possible to tap into their communities and gain many new fans and viewers.

An easy method to collaborate with others on TikTok is through its Duet feature. Duets let you respond to another user’s video (your video will be displayed alongside the original video).

Making a Duet on TikTok is simple:

  • Choose a video you’d like to comment on.
  • Click the Send to button on the right-bottom of the video.
  • Click Duet.

Then, you’ll be able to choose the layout you prefer and begin recording.

If you’re a company looking to work with influencers to increase brand recognition, You can find creators who could be an ideal fit for the Creator Marketplace and invite them to join forces.

Keep your content brief and sweet.

TikTok isn’t the same as YouTube. Users on TikTok could be more attentive. Instead of watching a movie for two hours, viewers like to quickly go through various fun and entertaining videos in one go.

It’s therefore recommended to keep your content brief and concise (30 minutes at most). If you upload videos that are more than that, viewers are less likely to stay with them. In addition, when users exit your video before the end, the video still needs to be finished, which will hurt your completion rate.

It is important to note that your completion rate is among the primary ranking elements on TikTok. This is because the algorithm can push your content in front of more people and boost the growth of your content if you have an impressive completion rate. Therefore, your goal is to make sure that as many viewers as you can watch your videos throughout.

Make sure you use the correct Hashtags.

Hashtags on TikTok function in the same way as Instagram. They tell the algorithm the content you post about so that more users who are part of your target audience can find your videos.

If you include a hashtag in your video description and your TikTok algorithm will begin sharing the video with users who have been engaged by similar videos using that same hashtag. So, it’s crucial to select Hashtags that are related to your video content carefully instead of picking the most popular Hashtags.

If, for instance, you’re sharing a hilarious video of your dog’s dance in the background, don’t include #recipes in the caption just because it’s famous. If you choose to do this, your content will be viewed by those looking for cooking-related videos, which will instantly click away without engaging. So instead, a better hashtag is #DogsOfTikTok.

It’s recommended to make use of trending Hashtags as appropriate to increase your reach. There are trending Hashtags in the Discover tab.


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