Latest We Chat Statistics for 2022: The Definitive List


We Chat is the tech large you’ve by no means heard of. It’s the sixth maximum used social media community and the third maximum famous messaging app on the planet, but, in case you stay outdoors in China, it’s unlikely that you’ll have ever even used it.

To shed some light on this little-recognized titan of the mobile app industry, we’ve compiled a listing of the cutting-edge We Chat records, records, and tendencies.

These stats will reveal useful facts approximately the so-known as ‘terrific app’ and the human beings who might use it. Ready? Let’s dive right into it!

These are our maximum exciting facts about We Chat:

  • We Chat has over 1.2 billion human beings logged into its platform every day. (Source: Statista1)
  • Users on We Chat ship over forty-five billion messages each day… (Source: ZDNet)
  • We Chat Pay have a daily transaction quantity of over 1 billion. (Source: PYMNTS.Com)

We Chat usage information

First, allows check a few key We Chat records that tell us greater about the kingdom of the platform, what number of humans are the usage of it, and the approaches wherein they’re the usage of it.

Over 1.2 billion people log in to We Chat every day

According to founder Allen Zhang, the app passed the 1 billion mark again in August 2018. It turned into the first Chinese app and one among just six apps globally to reach this remarkable milestone.

It’s specifically fantastic when you take into account the reality that the sizable majority of those customers come from China, and the complete populace of China stands at handiest a bit over 1.Four billion.

We Chat is the most famous mobile app in China…

We Chat dominates the social media panorama in China. It’s the main social app that uses market penetration through a massive margin. Seventy-three. 7% of respondents in a survey from 2019 said they use it regularly.

For assessment, the most effective is forty-three. Three% of the respondents in the equal survey stated they used QQ, the second maximum famous social media app in China. Sina Weibo trailed at the back of a distant 1/3 location, with just 17% of respondents announcing they used it frequently.

And the sixth maximum famous social media network globally

We Chat might be the dominant social media app in China, but it’s struggling to make inroads in the international marketplace. It hasn’t yet been controlled to interrupt the top five most popular social media networks globally. However, it isn’t a long way off.

Facebook takes the primary spot; with over 2.Eight billion month-to-month active customers (greater than double that of We Chat). We Chat additionally ranks in the back of YouTube (~2.3 billion MAUs), WhatsApp (2 billion MAUs), Instagram (~1.4 billion MAUs), and Facebook Messenger (1. Three billion MAUs).

However, given that We Chat only around 60 million month-to-month active users brief Facebook Messenger, there’s a danger it will be able to surpass in the next few years, particularly if it continues to develop as rapidly as it has been in the latest years.

 We Chat debts for around 35% of total time spent on mobile in China

This is in keeping with records from 2017, so it may have been modified a little, given that then. However, given that We Chat keeps dominating the social panorama in China, it’s unlikely it’s going to have decreased by means of a tremendous quantity.

Overall, Ten cent (We Chat’s discern agency) debts for fifty five% of all cellular time in China. This market monopoly is as demanding as its miles extraordinary. China’s leaders seem to agree and have these days made anti-monopoly enforcement a concern. Regulators have currently handed out anti-monopoly fines to tech a giant, which includes Ten cent and Alibaba.

Users on We Chat send over 45 billion messages each day…

We Chat is, first and most important, a messaging app – and an incredibly popular one at that. Forty-five billion messages are sent thru the platform each day. In contrast, around 100 billion messages are sent each day on WhatsApp.

And make over 410 million calls

Another manner that We Chat may be used is to make calls. Like other popular messaging apps like Messenger or WhatsApp, We Chat allows customers to make unfastened wifi calls to other users. This makes it a low-cost opportunity for ordinary cell telephone calls, and as such, it’s a famous manner for human beings to stay in touch. Around 410 million audio and video calls are made via the app every day.

There are over 20 million we Chat Official accounts

We Chat Official accounts are We Chat’s solution for Facebook Pages. They’re We Chat’s ‘enterprise’ account choice and offer an interface for brands to gather and engage with their followers and attain new clients. To date, there are over 20 million of those Official debts on We Chat.

Around half of all we chat, customers follow among 10 and 20 professional debts

Forty nine.3%, to be actual. In addition, 24% observed less than 20 accounts, and almost 20% complied with 20-30 debts. This indicates that We Chat users are receptive to brands and inclined to interact with them in the app.

57. Three% of We Chat users locate new We Chat Official debts via different Official debts

The bulk of We Chat users that observe Official accounts find them thru other Official debts. According to the information posted on We Chat Wiki, ladies additionally follow more Official bills than guys, on average.

30% of We Chat users find We Chat Official money owed thru We Chat Moments Advertising

Brands are able to location ads on We Chat customers’ Moments feed to sell their services and products. 30% of customers say they locate new Official bills to observe through those ads.

750 million people get entry to We Chat Moments every day

We Chat Moments is one of the essential functions of We Chat. It gives a ton of social capabilities for users. You can browse the Moments feed to keep updated with your pals or share your very own fame updates, photos, and movies.

On average, every We Chat consumer accesses Moments over ten times each day, totaling over 10 billion visits every day.

 Over 100 million customers take gain from Moments’ privateness settings

This is the wide variety of people that have set their Moments visibility to 3 days or less using a togglable privacy characteristic, consistent with a speech from We Chat founder Allen Zhang.

Around 46% of net users in China make purchases via social networks like We Chat.

In China’s mobile-first economy, social media features as a social marketplace. Forty six% of internet users inside the country purchase products and services thru social platforms like We Chat and that parent are predicted to surpass 50% by using 2024.

We Chat consumer demographics

Next, allows check the humans that are use of We Chat. Here are a few enlightening We Chat statistics associated with person demographics.

Seventy eight% of sixteen to 64-12 months olds in China use we Chat

We Chat could be very famous across generations, with a similar quantity of customers across age brackets. More than three-quarters of people in China between the whole of 16 and sixty-four use the platform.

20% of the elderly population of China uses we Chat

Even amongst seniors, We Chat is popular. The app had over 61 million customers over age 55 in 2018, which became around a fifth of the elderly population of China at the time.

Fifty three% of We Chat customers are male

While forty seven% are female, in 2014, that difference between genders became a great deal more stated: 64.3% of We Chat users at the time had been male compared to simply 35.7% female. This suggests that through the years, We Chat has managed to increase its enchantment and near that gender gap.

Forty% of We Chat customers are in so-called ‘Tier 2’ towns

Analysts have long used a ‘tier’ machine to classify towns in China primarily based on the average earnings of their populace. The biggest segment of We Chat users lives in ‘tier 2’ cities, which can be towns with a GDP of between US$ sixty-eight billion and US$299 billion. A further 9% of customers are from tier 1 cities, 23% live in tier 3 towns, and 27% in tier 4

There are an envisioned one hundred-2 hundred million We Chat customers outdoors in China…

According to Human Rights Watch, this could have worrying implications. We Chat doesn’t have a first-class tune report in terms of user privacy, and it’s been proven that We Chat surveils customers from outside China and stocks the facts it gathers with the Chinese authorities, which may be used to censor China-registered bills.

And around 19 million of those users are within the US

We Chat isn’t almost as popular in the US as other social networks; however, 19 million continue to be no small parent. It works out at around zero.05% of the populace.

We chat revenue Statistics

Wondering how tons money We Chat generates? Check out this We Chat revenue records!

We Chat’s discern organization generated over 74 billion in revenue in 2020

That’s over 482 billion RMB and represents a boom of 28% as compared to the yr earlier.

Interestingly, not like maximum social networks, We Chat’s revenue isn’t broadly speaking driven by using advertiser dollars. Rather, a good deal of it comes from the platform’s price-delivered services. For instance, 32% of sales in 2018 came from games.

We Chat has an ARPU of at least $7 USD

ARPU stands for average sales according to person. We Chat’s ARPU is shockingly excessive compared to its competitors. For instance, it’s 7 xs greater than WhatsApp, which is the largest messaging app in the international and has an ARPU of just $1 USD.

The purpose’s such high ties again in with how We Chat is much extra than only a messaging machine. Its ecosystem of mini-apps caters to each component of its customers’ day-by-day lives and opens up a world of the latest monetization possibilities.

Value-introduced services generate the bulk of Ten cent’s revenue

In Q3 2016, VAS accounted for sixty nine% of We Chat’s profits. For assessment, online advertising made up just 19% of sales. This is in stark evaluation to maximum social networks within the western world, in which advertiser bucks are the primary sales source.

We chat mini app statistics

We Chat is lots extra than just a messaging app. It capabilities as an entire cellular environment, with hundreds and hundreds of mini-applications available within We Chat itself. These sub-programs are characteristic of lightweight cell apps. Users can use them to make payments, play video games, e-book flights, and plenty more.

Here are a few We Chat data that inform us extra approximately the Mini Apps available on the platform and the way users interact with them.

There are over 1 million ‘Mini Apps’ on We Chat

One cool aspect approximately We Chat that makes it specific from other messaging apps is its Mini App function. It essentially has capabilities like an app store, allowing customers to put in lightweight apps that run interior We Chat itself. Third, events and brands could make their very own We Chat apps and list them to reach greater clients.

And this stat just shows how popular Mini Apps are. With over 1 million apps on the platform, the platform’s app database is almost 1/2 the scale of Apple’s App Store.

53% of human beings deploy We Chat Mini Apps for temporary use

Many of those who use Mini Apps most effectively achieve this temporarily. For instance, it is probable that they’re stuck in the rain and want to hail a cab in a pinch.

 Forty% of humans use Mini Apps as they’re unwilling to download cellular apps

Another one of the motives Mini Apps are so famous is that they’re very lightweight compared to complete-featured cell apps, the likes of which you might download on an app store. Many customers are reluctant to waste their bandwidth and area on cellular apps, and so look for a Mini App equivalent alternatively.

60% of humans use Mini Apps as they discover them clean to use

We Chat Mini Apps shape a huge part of each day’s existence in China, and plenty of users are keen to make the most of the services and leisure they offer. This can be thanks to their usability and simplicity of access. According to We Chat Wiki, over half of all We Chat customers find Mini Apps easy to apply.

Games are the maximum popular kind of We Chat Mini App

42% of humans use We Chat Mini Apps for gaming. The next maximum popular class of Mini Apps is Life Services (39%), and Reading and Shopping apps rank joint 0.33 at 28%.

There were x27 greater ecommerce transactions on We Chat Mini Apps in 2019 compared to the year before

Like many of the extra features of We Chat, Mini Apps are getting extra popular and are developing in both utilization and revenue. A lot of the Mini Apps to be had on We Chat may be used to make purchases. In 2019, the variety of e-commerce transactions that befell those styles of We Chat Mini Apps extended 27-fold. Yep, that’s proper – that’s an increase of 2700% yr over 12 months.


We Chat Pay data

We Chat Pay are We Chat’s answer to Alipay. It’s a mobile payment and virtual pockets service incorporated into the We Chat app, which allows customers to make immediate bills through their Smartphone.

Here are some We Chat records that inform us greater approximately this price carrier and the merchants and clients that use it

Hundreds of thousands of people use we Chat Pay every day

We Chat Pay is simply as popular as its messaging counterpart and has a large range of energetic users each day. Although We Chat hasn’t disclosed the precise personal figures, they do document that ‘hundreds of tens of millions of humans use the charging app on a daily basis.

 We Chat Pay is utilized by over 800 million humans each month

We Chat experienced a speedy increase in reputation in 2018 and the past. By 2019, they had become the most famous free app in China and overtook the marketplace chief Alipay, which had around 520 million users in 2019.

We Chat Pay has a daily transaction volume of over 1 billion

We Chat pay is no passing fad; it’s liable for an exceedingly excessive quantity of transactions each day. Across the entire international locations in which it’s to be had, over 1 billion transactions are completed each day.

The variety of merchants that accept we Chat Pay expanded seven-hundred% in one year

We Chat Pay were launched in 2013, but it took a while to benefit traction. However, in 2018, utilization of the app noticed tremendous growth of around seven hundred%. Not handiest did the app utilization boom in China. However, it additionally became to be had in forty-nine markets outside China.

At least 1 in 5 We Chat users have set their accounts up for We Chat Payments

In this manner, they’ve related their debit or credit card as much as their We Chat user account for instant, frictionless bills. This characteristic helps to allow users to make payments both in bodily stores and make in-app purchases.

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