15+ Ways to Grow Your Facebook Group 3 xs Faster


Are you looking to expand your Facebook group more quickly?

Perhaps you’ve just launched your own Facebook group or would like to take an already-established Group to another step.

In this article, you’ll discover how you can grow your Facebook group so that you are a bigger part of Facebook’s two billion strong users.

Let’s get started:

Utilize contests and giveaways to advertise your group

Contests and giveaways are some of the top marketing strategies that are available to you.

They can help you boost traffic, increase users on your social network, or to increase your list of email subscribers.

However, you can also utilize Facebook ads to promote your group.

The first step is to find a prize you’re willing to offer. It could range from a free trial of one of your products to the possibility of an Amazon Gift card.

Alternatively, you could team up with a company that will provide an award in return for a small amount of advertising.

To facilitate the giveaway, you’ll require a raffle app such as Sweep Widget to assist you. The secret to making this method work is one of the ways to enter the giveaway should be to go to groups on Facebook.

Here’s how to start:

  1. Join to get a free account on SweepWidget.com. You are able to upgrade your account to an account with a fee at any time. However, the free account should be sufficient to allow this to function.
  2. Choose “New Giveaway” – This is where you’ll input the entire details for your giveaway.
  3. Modify your entry method on the same page; you’ll be given the option of selecting the entry method you prefer. You can include different ways, including adding your emails to your list and joining your group on Twitter or another. You’ll have to select “Facebook” and then “Visit Group” to ensure that people who participate in your giveaway visit your page. However, it’s worthwhile to add other methods of entry that make it easier for participants to promote your giveaway.
  4. Select the best way to present your giveaway. You can include your giveaway in the blog or let Sweep Widget host your giveaway’s landing page. Both options are viable.
  5. Make sure you share your giveaway after your giveaway is up and running. Make sure to share it as widely as you can. You can share it via your social media accounts and email your readers or share it on the Facebook groups you belong to or anywhere else you think of.

That’s all you have to do to start your giveaway.

When the timer is up in the contest, you can use Sweep Widget to select the winner randomly. The only thing you have to do is declare your winner(s) and then hand over the prize(s).

Include a link in the menu on your blog’s page

One of the most efficient ways to draw people who are interested in joining your Facebook group is by creating a link to the principal navigation menu.

They are most likely your ideal audience since they’ve read your blog before. They’re more likely to take advantage of the opportunity for a Facebook page.

You could write “community” or “Facebook group” in your menu, just like the owners of these groups have done:

Include the Facebook group’s URL in the signature of your email

One brilliant method to attract new members automatically is to include your Facebook group’s URL in your signature email. In this way, each message you mail out is an opportunity to acquire an additional member.

You can tell in the examples above, and below there are many innovative ways to do this. Both of these make it easy for members to join your group at the touch of a button while you can go to bed!

Make sure to share it on your YouTube Channel.

It’s an obvious fact it is that video videos are taking the world of business to the streets.

If the content is the king, video content certainly is the queen.

At present, over 500 million hours of video content are watched on YouTube every single day. It’s the ideal platform to advertise your expanding Facebook group.

How can you advertise your Facebook group via YouTube?

  • Utilize overlays of text on your videos to encourage viewers to join your group.
  • Include an affixing link to your Facebook group in each video and in the description
  • Make sure to mention your group’s CTA at the close of your videos

Post a mass message on Facebook

It is essential to not just add people to your group without permission. This is an invasive method to recruit new members and make people angry before they’ve had the chance to become a part of your group.

Take a look. What Facebook groups are you a part of without your permission? It’s bothersome, isn’t it?

It’s not a good idea to have everyone in your group to be there.

You’re looking for people who are most qualified people.

They’re your ideal customers.

They’ll consume your content, sign up for your freebies that you opt-in to, pay for your services or products and then become your faithful followers.

If you’re trying to increase the number of emails you receive and increase blog traffic and increase the amount of money by joining a new group, it’s a good idea to choose carefully the people you let in your group.

What can you do to transmit a mass message?

  • Look through your friends’ lists on Facebook to identify people who will be pertinent to the group’s mission.
  • Add them all to a message in Facebook Messenger.
  • Invite them to join your Facebook group and tell them what your group is for, what its purpose is, and the reason your group is unique.

It’s the ideal alternative to join a group without their consent. It’s not long before you’ll start seeing people ask for their inclusion in your community and slowly increase the number of people joining your group.

Create a Pinterest-inspired graphic for your group

In addition, with over 175 million people on Pinterest each month, it’s now the most popular platform for marketers, bloggers, as well as business owners.

It’s only natural that you’d turn to this powerhouse of marketing when trying to promote the Facebook page you’re running.

It’s among the most efficient ways to make your content visible on the internet and can last much longer than posting to Facebook and Twitter.

It is possible to use a beginner-friendly program such as Canva to design designs like this:

Pin a picture and share it with the image on Twitter

If you’re not using Twitter to advertise your products, content and services, then you’re being left out. The same is true for your Facebook page.

More than 500 million tweets are sent out each day which makes it difficult to keep your tweets for long enough to be read.

Then what’s the purpose of trying to market your company on Twitter?

The most effective way to keep your eyes on an article to keep it in your feed on Twitter is to “pin it” to the top of your feed.

Make a striking graphic, Post it to Twitter, Then “pin it” so it’ll be the first thing to be seen by anyone who stumbles across your account.

Put it in the sidebar of your website.

Your blog is a great opportunity to announce your newly created Facebook group. If you’ve established a Facebook page that’s in sync with your website, you’re already off to a good ball.

The reason is that you’d be able to reach the same intended people on both your website and Facebook group.

Any raving fan hanging on your blog will leap at the chance to be part of your Facebook group. Facebook.

Below are two examples of bloggers who were able to add an image of their Facebook group on their sidebars.

Create a welcome mailer or series of emails

An effective method for getting your Facebook page to be seen by more people is to announce it to anyone who joins the email newsletter.

If you have carefully crafted an email to welcome new subscribers or an introduction series to new customers, be sure that you include them in your Facebook Group.

Every new subscriber will be given the invitation to join Your Facebook group.

Furthermore, you are aware that they already appreciate your content, so the majority of them are the ideal fit to join your group.

It is also recommended to include the link in each newsletter or email you send. Even though it’s not going to provide the same high open rates, it’s an effective method to build your brand-new audience.

Connect it with your Facebook page

The usage of Facebook corporate pages has become virtually obsolete due to the drastic reduction in organic traffic.

It’s still beneficial to your company to have an account on Facebook for a variety of reasons. However, the days of experiencing massive surges of traffic directly through Facebook pages are long gone.

They’ve also proven to be a great method of promoting Facebook groups by connecting your group with the Page on Facebook.

How do you connect with your Facebook group?

  1. Click on your “settings and then edit your page.”
  2. Add your “groups” tab to your page.

There’s a “groups” tab, as illustrated below:

If your viewers click the tab, they’ll gain an account on your Facebook page!

Link to your group’s profile on other groups on Facebook

Many business owners and bloggers who use the Facebook group to boost their blog’s popularity receive a significant portion of their traffic coming from Facebook groups. They’re extremely effective if you utilize them in the right way.

Most Facebook groups have daily thread-related prompts. They’re a great method to keep your members involved and to keep them engaged.

Certain of them permit you to make any kind of advertisement you’d like to on certain days.

So long as you’re aware of following the rules of each thread, You can begin to promote your Facebook page this way. This is particularly effective in groups with the same audience as your own.

To capture your target viewers’ attention, compose a paragraph or two that includes the hyperlink.

Something interesting to draw them into.

A way to explain what they need to know before they hit “join the group.”

Include links throughout your site

There are many places to scatter links directly to your organization across your site. We’ve talked about the top navigation menu as well as your sidebar; however, we’re still not completed!

Your site will be your best chance of getting new members to join your group because your visitors are already keen on your information.

They’ll be able to make the transition to the new group with not even a second thought!

Locations to include a link in any Facebook groups:

  • Your home page
  • The tiny menu in the footer
  • Your About Page
  • Your contact page
  • The blog post will be closed at the end of every blog post

This is an instance of a business owner promoting her Facebook group with a great effect on her home page:

As you see in the picture, she’s made use of social proof to lure the people she wants to attract to her Facebook page. Even if you lack any social proof yet, you could draw your audience in with the perfect words and captivating images.

It’s also interesting to note that she has “Join Instantly” as her call to action. This creates urgency and is likely to work in attracting new members to the group on Facebook.

Do you need more assistance in proving your social proof? Take a look at our guide for beginners…

Advertise your organization on the “thank you” pages

If you’ve got opt-in offers or products that are paid for on your blog, there are definitely “thank you” landing pages that show after the user has entered an email address.

“Thank you” pages are not being used at best, but not in the least.

If someone has recently given up their goods or, in other words, their email address – it means they already love your content and your company’s image.

The time couldn’t be more ideal for inviting people to their Facebook accounts.

Below is an illustration of the way a blogger made use of her “thank you” page to accomplish exactly that?

Include it on your content calendar for social media

In the bustle and hustle of managing your business, it’s too easy to lose sight of one of the most effective methods for getting your Facebook page noticed.

Many Facebook group managers may upload stunning photos on social media during the first week of advertising their group. However, after that, it gradually dies.

The same goes for conversion rates of Facebook groups. Facebook group.

Big mistake.

Here’s what you should do:

Create the Social Media Scheduling Tool and then use it to promote your Facebook page across different social networks.

Tools that allow you to reuse social media posts are the most effective way to do this. This means that the posts of your Facebook Group will be promoted in a way that is automatic.

It should be a regular element of the social media advertising plan, and you’ll reap the rewards massively.

Include a link on all Pinterest group boards you have

Group boards on Pinterest are powerful marketing tools which can reach millions or even thousands of users.

It is, therefore, logical that virtually every blogger or entrepreneur on Pinterest is part of a group board.

The most common practice among these entrepreneurs is to put the URL to their Facebook Group at the bottom of the description of the group board.

The group board’s owner has mentioned her Facebook group in the description of the group board:

This is an excellent decision, considering that large and medium group boards receive a lot of people wanting members to be added on a regular basis. That’s the number of people who have seen her profile.

Make use of Your Instagram Bio to advertise your Facebook group.

In Instagram, it’s only given a small space to make an impressive first impression.

One tiny area with just one link.

One of 10 that you may are storing in your brain.

In the initial stages of growing your Facebook page, the most effective move you can take is to make use of that link to join your Facebook group as long as you can.

This allows you to expand your team on autopilot, as with many of these strategies.

You can always switch the layout later on or alter it to show the Facebook group only some days per week If you have other sites you’re eager to publish.

However, you’ll maximize the value of the content of your profile by making use of some of these Facebook bio-link tools to create a specific web page for your social network.

Make use of Facebook Lives to advertise your group.

There’s no doubt about it that Facebook business pages aren’t quite as efficient as they used to be unless you’re paying the cash. However, they are beneficial in a variety of ways when you know how to make use of them.

Two important ways to make it work for you on Facebook with pages:

  1. Engaging in Facebook ads to increase your reach
  2. Doing Facebook live videos
  3. Link your page to your Facebook group as well as your site

In the case of Facebook lives, you are able to advertise the members of your Facebook Group in a lasting manner.

Sometimes, you’ll be able to see Facebook live in your newsfeeds a week after it’s posted live.

If you decide to create a Facebook live video on your Facebook page, it is important to mention your Facebook group.

Include an address within the title of the video, and you’re good to go.

Wrapping it up

Setting up a Facebook page may seem like a daunting fight, but I say with certainty that it gets simpler and is a great marketing strategy that will propel your company.

Particularly when you’ve got the proper strategies, the growth of your company can be automated.

You are able to build a community that is full of enthusiastic and loyal followers.

Fans who will be the first in line for each paid item you own.

They’ll be on hand for every webcast.

Enjoy every blog article.

They’ll also rave about your paid services which means you don’t need to, either.

In the end, it’s a businessman’s ideal.


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