Review of Promo Republic in 2022: Speed up the creation of fresh social media content


Do you spend more time developing and advertising your overall strategy on social media than you do actually posting on it?

Do you need a time-saving social media management tool?

With the aid of Promo Republic, you can more effectively manage your posting schedule across several social media networks.

We will demonstrate everything that Promo Republic has to offer in this review.

Other tools don’t have some of their distinctive qualities, which are scarce. So let’s begin immediately.

Promo Republic: What is it?

You may control social media posting using Promo Republic, an online and mobile tool.

The main attributes that Promo Republic has to offer are listed below:

  • For controlling posting schedules, publish to Google My Business Calendar, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram (personal and business accounts), Pinterest, and Instagram.
  • Selected articles and a library of content templates
  • Utilizing social media to handle direct communication
  • You may automatically build a publication schedule using Autopilot AI.
  • Re-queue postings
  • Editor of visual arts
  • Aspects of collaboration
  • Post-analytics and sophisticated analytics
  • Thirty social media pages may be connected.
  • Invite up to 15 people.
  • Enterprise pricing will support bespoke plans.
  • Enterprise clients may manage local social media marketing strategies, store content, and handle advertisements more efficiently.

What attributes does Promo Republic provide?

The tools that the program provides, all of which are simple to access in the UI, comprise Promo Republic’s capabilities.

We’ll discuss the following aspects in our Promo Republic review:

  • Dashboard
  • Social Media Inbox
  • Calendar
  • Adding a Post
  • Editor
  • Statistics
  •  Post Ideas


Of all social media management apps, Promo Republic has one of the most straightforward user interfaces. Its global layout only employs a top menu, freeing up the remaining viewport for the area of the program you wish to use rather than taking up more room with a sidebar menu.

Promotional, public dashboard

The UI is divided into many areas, each of which has a tool or function that PromoRepublic provides: the Calendar, Post Ideas, Editor, Statistics, Inbox, and Services.

Additionally, you can instantly look for templates and utilize quick-action buttons to create a new post, check your alerts, or get in touch with the app’s support staff.

Including a post

By letting you choose from a variety of social media platforms when you produce a new post, Promo Republic’s post editor makes it easier for you to manage your social media publishing schedule.

You may edit postings by adding text (including URLs), emoticons, photos, GIFs, and videos.

Even the individual posts may be customized. By doing this, you may easily surpass the 280-character restriction on Twitter while still posting on Facebook and Instagram.

Even without completely starting a new draught, you may upload a different picture on Instagram. This differs from the functionality of programs like Sprout Social and Icon square.

Even adding the first remark to Instagram photos is possible with Promo Republic.

Publish on Promo Republic

As soon as you’re finished, you can choose to publish the article right away, set it to publish later, or add it to the content queue, which has a pre-set publishing schedule that you can modify for each type of content.

You may also require the post, albeit Twitter does not allow this owing to its policies on duplicating material.


The first time you use the calendar function in PromoRepublic, it seems a bit disorganized. This is because its AI automatically creates a calendar for you based on the posts you’ve written on the social media networks you’re linked to.

Promotional-public calendar

When you schedule posts, the app automatically classifies them using the labels you see based on the content kinds. They fall under one of the following categories: blog posts, promotions, education, engaging, motivational, and fun.

Fortunately, there is a straightforward option you can choose in the Calendar UI’s three-dot menu to conceal content categories that are inactive.

The software has already generated a timetable for you, but you can alter it and choose to schedule each category at a different time or remove it altogether.

You may browse your schedule for each social media network separately or collectively using the Calendar UI, which is another feature that makes it flexible. You may choose between weekly and monthly views as well.

It’s vital to remember that few social media calendar solutions include AI capabilities. As a result, it ranks among Promo Republic’s most distinctive qualities.

Inbox on social media

A major part of the service, Promo Republic’s Inbox feature is primarily built for Facebook, with significant support for Instagram as well.

You have control over Facebook reviews, direct messages, and comments. Although you may manage them all from one page, reviews are divided into good and negative categories.

Idea posts

You may quickly write articles using Promo Republic’s tens of thousands of content ideas. Each one of them is kept in the app’s Post Ideas area. The main categories are recommended for You, Animated, Stories, Articles, Quotes, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Promotional post concepts

Each category’s templates are likewise divided up into several areas. As an example, genres for article templates include business and finance, food, travel, sports, beauty, and technology.

Template use is quite straightforward. The app launches the new post UI in a new tab when you click on a template. By doing this, you may change the post as you want before scheduling or publishing it.

The term “templates” for articles is a misnomer. They lead to actual, hot material that Promo Republic has archived in the Post Ideas area. It functions as a little content curation tool, in essence.

Additionally, the templates in the Stories category are, in fact, Instagram stories templates.

Promo Republic features a built-in graphic editor, which leads us to our next area if you’re not satisfied with the template you’ve selected as is.

This enhances the tool nicely. This program has a special function that we haven’t seen in any other social media posting tools.

Similar to having Canva integrated within the app’s UI, Editor PromoRepublic’s graphic creation tool. You may modify any design you see in the Ideas area, add your own photo, or start from scratch to make an image.

Promo republic’s editor

To begin, decide what kind of picture you want to make:

  • Square on Facebook
  • Post on Facebook
  • On Facebook
  • Instagram posts
  • Twitter posts
  • Facebook advertisements
  • Instagram narrative
  • Post on LinkedIn
  • Shopify image from Pinterest
  • Publish to Google My Business

For example, for Facebook covers, the editor frame will be resized by the app to the appropriate size, which is 820 x 312px.

There is no substitute for patterned backdrops. If you don’t upload your own, you must choose one of the app’s backdrop photos. Thankfully, there is a search box you can utilize to reduce the number of choices you have.

After choosing a backdrop picture, you may layer text and objects on top of it. You can select from dozens of web-friendly typefaces, and if you’ve ever used Canva or Google Fonts, they’re all recognizable to you.

More than 20 different types of objects are accessible, including Shapes, Lines, Frames, Word Stickers, Banners, Labels, Buttons, Emoji, Speech Bubbles, Web Icons, and more.

Editor of Promo republic protests

You may save your picture after you’ve finished it (or need more time to finish it). After that, it’ll show up in the Saved area. Because the program lacks an auto-save option, you must do this step if you don’t want to lose your work.

You may also select Download or Use to immediately schedule a post with the picture.


A brief summary of all the posts you’ve written and the statistics you’ve accrued for them may be seen in the Statistics section. Only comments and likes for Instagram and Twitter are included here.

Data from Promo republic

These statistics for Facebook include reaching, organic reach, ad reach, clicks, visits, likes, comments, and shares. The most or least of each measure may be used to order the posts in this section.

If you wish to reshare a post, you may also click Repost on any given one.

Pricing with Promo Republic

Promo Republic offers two basic options as well as a unique business plan. A light package is also available; it costs $108 per year ($9 per month). Three social media profiles, a social media calendar tool, and a library of content recommendations are all accessible via it (Post Ideas).

This could be enough for folks who solely want a social posting tool. A great tool that may help you save a tone of time is the library of content recommendations.

Standard and Professional are the company’s two main programmers. The Standard is $49 per month or $468 annually ($39 per month). Ten social media accounts and two users are yours.

Most of Promo Republic’s essential tools are included in this plan. It does not include customer success managers, collaborative tools, reporting, or sharing folders.

The Professional plan, which costs $99.40 per month ($79 per month) or $950.40 per year, includes these features. Additionally, you get access to 15 team members and 30 social media profiles.

Sadly, content storage is only accessible with the corporate package. Although Promo Republic offers an ad management tool, the majority of these functions are only accessible with a corporate subscription.

Additionally, Promo Republic provides white labeling and content add-ons. On-brand graphics that may be customized and are offered in a variety of forms, such as PNG photos, animated GIFs, and videos, are part of the Content Bundle add-on. Also included are post templates. Prices begin at $250.

Custom-branded reports are provided via the white label add-on, as expected. You may be shocked to hear that it also provides hosting on your own domain, personalized emails, and on boarding training. For pricing on that, you’d need to get in touch with Promo Republic.

Examine Promo Republic Cons and benefits of free Promo Republic

The social media posting tool Promo Republic is fantastic. Its post editor’s user interface is straightforward, making it simple to schedule content simultaneously for many sites. Additionally, unlike other tools, you can quickly and simply customize your post for each social networking site without having to generate a new draught.

Far better, you don’t need to leave the editor or make a new draught in order to submit a different picture to Instagram separately, as you would need to do with other programs (that are even more costly) in order to meet Instagram aspect ratio criteria.

If you struggle to come up with your own social media publication schedule, Promo Republic’s Calendar tool’s autopilot AI is fantastic. When you link your profiles for the first time, the software automatically configures this, saving you time from having to do it manually.

Additionally, it’s fantastic that you may create your own timetable if you already know precisely when you want to publish certain sorts of content.

The Post Ideas area and in-house graphic design editor are two of Promo Republic’s most distinctive features. You may save time by choosing one of the hundreds of pre-made templates in the Post Ideas area and publishing it directly to social media, or you can easily tweak it to make it your own.

To make things even simpler, there is a Recommended for you area.

When you don’t have any posts of your own to offer or want to establish yourself as your audience’s main source of material, whether it be your own or content from your niche as a whole, this area also has hundreds of carefully chosen pieces that you may share with them.

Also very amazing is the graphic design software. Its similarity to Canvas’s free plan ought to give you a decent notion of how simple to use it is.

You can even add a tone of different objects to your picture using its enormous object library, so you probably won’t need to get icons from other sources.

Utilizing Promo Republic has a few disadvantages.

Your articles are automatically categorized by Promo Republic using categories that are helpful. They make it simple to set up a publication plan for your social media marketing strategy and assist you in identifying the kinds of posts you produce.

Even yet, I greatly like having customized content categories as Sociable lets you. The default labels used by Promo Republic do not take into account the fact that not everyone utilizes social media in the same way.

You may now only control direct interactions via the inbox function, such as comments and direct messages. Tracking social media postings that include your business name but don’t explicitly identify you requires the usage of another tool, like Agora pulse.

Final thoughts on Promo Republic

You can see from our review of Promo Republic that it is a great social media publishing tool that will make it easier for you to effectively manage your social media calendar.

One of our preferred features is the integrated library of social media information. Actually, we haven’t come across this functionality in any other software. It is very simple to alter & publish on the fly, even though we don’t advise republishing this information “as is.”

It may not be suitable for everyone and is rather pricey than a simple social network posting tool.

We strongly advise using Agora pulse if you’re looking for a more “all in one” platform to handle every facet of your social media marketing plan.


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