Russian forces are ‘disrupted by a lack of middle and junior level leadership”, according to the UK.


In its latest update on intelligence, The Ministry of Defense (Mood) stated that the two teams of Russian personnel had recently filed an unidentified location following the death of their commander and then attempted to conceal the incident. RUS troops in Ukraine continue to be “driven by poor junior and mid-level leadership and cover-up culture,” British defense chiefs have stated. In its most recent update on intelligence, The Ministry of Defense (Mood) reported that two distinct sets of Russian personnel had recently escaped from an unnamed region following the death of their commander and then attempted to conceal the incident. However, the Mood insists that the most recently concluded Russian retreat from Kherson was executed with more organizational savvy compared to previous elements of the flimsy assault were conducted. They claimed this was due to Sergei Surovikin, the general appointed head of operations in the last month, just hours in the aftermath of the assault on the bridge in Crimea. The Mood stated, “Russia’s recent retreat from the to the west Kherson was executed in a well-organized manner compared to the prior major Russian withdrawals from the conflict.

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The gap between diesel and petrol prices nears 25p per liter  Ukrainian authorities warn that only returning to the 1991 border is the best way to bring stability  Russian invasion may be over by the time Spring arrives, says Ukrainian minister Take a trip packed with culture, history and Christmas joy in Prague “During the retreat, vehicle losses were likely in the tens rather than hundreds, while much kit that was left behind was successfully destroyed by Russian forces to deny it to Ukraine.” “This apparent success could be partly due to an efficient, single operational command led by General Sergei Surovikin. However, the army is plagued by poor middle and junior-level leadership and a cover-up of the culture. “For instance, in recent months, two companies that were subordinate to the Eastern Military District fled after their commander was killed. Others officers may have tried to lie in order to cover up the crime.” It follows Rishi Sunak took his first appearance to meet with President Volodymyr Zelensky in Ukraine yesterday, promising PS50million in air defense weapons. The Prime Minister travelled secretly to Kyiv within days when Russia started the biggest strike since the beginning of the conflict. Mr. Sunak expressed his gratitude to meet the Ukrainian leader and assured him that Britain would not hesitate to show its commitment under his direction. Mr. Zelensky acknowledged the support of Britain and declared: “With friends like you on our side, we’re confident in our victory. Both nations understand what is meant by standing up to defend freedom.” Britain will provide another 125 anti-aircraft weapons and technology to kill drones from Iran. It will also intensify the training of Ukrainian army forces by sending military medics and engineers into the area.


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